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<h1>GPL CVER VI</h1>


This is a version of the GPL CVER modified to fix issues I found.
This uses the code base from sourceforge 2.12a.


I have made only one fix:

  <li> The VPI callback is allowed to be deleted in the callback.  CVER
    was trying to delete it again even if it was deleted before.  This
    caused core dumps.</li>

I have managed to build the native Windows app using mingw, but I
don't remember if the original was able to do that already.


  <li>I was not able to patch the gtkwave patch for generating LXT
    files to work.  If somebody has any success a patch would be

  <li>Arrays of instances are broken esp if the same module is
    instantated multiple times.</li>

Any help appreciated!

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