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Artifact ID: b03d3a62cfc6633a6b8357702302c7d4dce37232
Page Name:Rubygem-Gdi
Date: 2017-03-21 20:04:10
Original User: william
Parent: 3f85ccd9c0e5501d009a6ff07a3645a437c44b4b

A Ruby gem for accessing the Windows GDI interface for printing.

This gem provides for access to a limited number of functions and constants in the Windows GDI interface useful for printing. I use it to provide native printing support for my Recepsum gem, so the functionality this gem provides is driven by that goal, rather than systematically implementing all of the GDI functionality. (It should easily extensible by anyone else, though, who needs more of the GDI functions.)

Note that this gem has no dependencies on any other gems apart from rake, so it provides an example of the basic construction of a gem. In fact, it has provided me with a learning experience in creating a gem.