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Recepsum & Envelsum are written in the Ruby programming language, which
is an interpreted (as opposed to compiled) language.  This normally means
that Ruby must be installed first on the machine that will be running the
software, but for convenience, on Windows platforms the Recepsum and
Envelsum programs are wrapped up into single executables that can be run
without having Ruby previously installed.

For development work, Ruby and various extensions (supplied as Ruby "gems"
must be installed on the development machine, as described below.

1)  Install Ruby.  For Windows, the easiest is RubyInstaller.

2)  Install the FOX gem needed to provide the graphical user interface:

    gem install fxruby

3)  Install the SQLite3 gem needed for the underlying database:

    gem install sqlite3

4)  Install the Prawn gem needed for printing support:

    gem install prawn

5)  For Windows only, install the ocra gem:

    gem install ocra

    Note: "ocra" is used to package Ruby programs into single executable
    files under Windows.