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sbt-release-fossil is a small add-on to the sbt-release-plugin so that it works with Fossil SCM.

Problem description

If you have your sources in a Fossil SCM repository, and want to use the sbt-release-plugin to automate releases, you (may) have a problem: the sbt-release-plugin does not support Fossil SCM repositories.

This tiny plugin bridges the gap between the sbt-release-plugin and Fossil SCM.


Add the following line to your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.chiselapp.twenstar" % "sbt-release-fossil" % "0.2.4")

For all further configuration, follow the documentation of the sbt-release-plugin.


This plugin depends on the sbt-release-plugin and it runs under sbt versions 0.13.16 and 1.2.8.

Reporting issues

Please report issues using the Tickets menu point.

Development information

Please refer to the contributing guide.

License of the source code

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