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This will be AnonOS's primary “install to disk” program, replacing Fedora's LiveUSB creator. It needs to be built in a platform independent language (e.g. Java recommended, Python, C++ with Mono) and be able to do the following things:

* Install an AnonOS iso into a CD/DVD/USB
* Encrypt the persistent part of a liveUSB it using Dmcrypt, LUKS or something.
* Build AnonOS from the source kickstarts, even on Windows/Mac
* Copy the entire live system to a USB or another disk. (from liveCD)
* Securely delete itself and any associated project files by loading a file wiper into memory (if not on liveCD)


This will be a program that shows up at startup and allows the user to choose how much anonymity is needed. Sometimes, anonymity will bog the user down, and it may not always be needed. Here are the levels:

1.Hands Off – No anonymity functions used. Flash is always enabled. Firefox's Torbutton is disabled, and applications will not be torified.

2.On Guard – A few anonymity functions used. Claws Mail and Pidgin are required to go through Torsocks. Torbutton and Flash are disabled, but can be used on a case-by-case basis.

3.Secure – Most anonymity functions used. The same as On Guard, but with Torbutton enabled. IRC clients are required to use Proxychains. (Most IRC Servers block Tor)

4.No Packet Left Behind – Same as secure, but nothing is allowed to bypass Tor or Proxychains.


A tool like this would make development of AnonOS much, much faster. Currently, the only way to test builds is to make the entire liveCD over again using livecd-creator, which is massively slow and wasteful when a developer only wants to see if the script will compile after adding two lines of code.

Livecd-debugger should basically simulate livecd-creator, so that if there is a single syntax error, a developer would have wasted 5 seconds rather than an entire hour.