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Changes To Flavors
     5      5   
     6      6   * Annonaceae has TOR, a MAC address randomizer, a hard disk/RAM wiper, a encryption suite, and many other goodies. This will be the first project to complete.
     7      7   TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who cares about their anonymity.
     8      8   
     9      9   * Cherimoya is a high-anonymity distro designed to be a complete kit for Anonymous. It's goals are a high degree of anonymity, security "auditing" programs, and easy tools for making flyers and videos. With a seperate gaming edition, we could also add the ability to play popular games using Steam and Wine, to soften the transition. Cherimoya's goal is to replace as much of Windows as possible.
    10     10   - TARGET AUDIENCE: Anonymous, especially during raids
    11     11   
    12         -# Conceptual Editions
           12  +<h2>Conceptual Editions</h2>
    13     13   
    14     14   * Atemoya is a server based version of AnonOS. Atemoya (AH-TEH-MOYA) is a distro designed to be a Virtual Appliance. A virtual appliance is basically an OS that does only one thing, like serve webpages, repositories, track torrents, etc., working exactly the same way on every computer. More than that, it's a plan to make a vehicle for an entirely decentralized, p2p computer network, with a limitless amount of functions.
    15     15   
    16     16   The primary feature of Atemoya would be a powerful content delivery/program update system that I call Samizdat. It would make sure that data can be propogated by trusted uploaders anonymously, and end the need for a vulnerable central server.
    17     17   
    18     18   For example, a Wikileaks mirror appliance is built. The creator applies two GPG signatures, one to make sure that only the holder of the signature will be able to upload data to the servers, and one to prevent anyone other than the creator to send software updates. 
    19     19