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Update of "Software"

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Date: 2011-02-23 04:25:43
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This page is where suggested software goes. Before you add one, check that it is not here.

Programs to add

In order to use and update any of these packages, we need someone to help by hosting a yum repository. This is how to make one on your RHEL/CentOS server: (and we need to make a Xen virtual appliance for those who don't have an RPM-based Linux on their server)

  • A binary package for Scramdisk 4 Linux has to be made. SD4L can mount a multitude of encrypted drives, even Truecrypt. I don't trust the Truecrypt license, and Realcrypt is horrible. Link here:
  • Torsocks is a program that makes sure a program works entirely through Tor. Essential for Pidgin and Claws-Mail. An RPM can be made from it's DEB binary using Alien.
  • I2P needs to be installed like a normal package, as it normally has to use a graphical install from Java.
  • Bitcoin is a currency that doesn't require a central verification server, allowing anyone to pay anonymously. It's like cash on the internet. Bitcoin has no binary of any kind.
  • SocialVPN is a system that allows secure communication and file sharing between individuals. It is fast, easy, and there is no way for an outsider to even prove the existence of such a network, much less censor it.