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Update of "AnonOS Developer's Toolkit"

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Page Name:AnonOS Developer's Toolkit
Date: 2011-02-26 17:28:58
Original User: anonymous
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Welcome to the AnonOS Developer's Toolkit.

This virtual appliance contains all the tools you will need in developing a build of AnonOS. It includes livecd-creator, Geany, Anjunta, MonoDevelop, and lots of other useful development tools. Libraries include Perl, Python, Java, C++ and Mono(Visual Basic/C#).

We use kickstart files to build our releases. To understand how to edit the source code, go to Kickstarts.

To learn how to compile a liveCD from source, go to developing.

To start developing, just go to Kickstarts on the Desktop to mess with the stable builds, or go here to see and edit the newest ones.

If you are going to use the kickstarts preinstalled on your computer, it is advisable to "pull" an update from the main repo first.

This is how: Fossil