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Update of "Software"

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This page is where suggested software goes. Before you add one, check that it is not here.

Suggested Software

* The names of the programs you would like added go here. If you have a method on adding them, put it below instead.

Programs to add

If you host a server, please help by hosting a yum repository. This is how to make one on a Fedora/RHEL/CentOS server: We will make a virtual appliance for those who don't have an RPM-based server soon.

  • A binary package for Scramdisk 4 Linux has to be made. SD4L can mount a multitude of encrypted drives, even Truecrypt. I don't trust the Truecrypt license, and Realcrypt is horrible. Link here:
  • Torsocks is a program that makes sure a program works entirely through Tor. Essential for Pidgin and Claws-Mail. An RPM can be made from it's DEB binary using Alien.
  • I2P needs to be installed like a normal package, as it normally has to use a graphical install from Java.
  • Bitcoin is a currency that doesn't require a central verification server, allowing anyone to pay anonymously. It's like cash on the internet. Bitcoin has no binary of any kind.
  • SocialVPN is a system that allows secure communication and file sharing between individuals. It is fast, easy, and there is no way for an outsider to even prove the existence of such a network, much less censor it.