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Date: 2012-04-12 21:36:13
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Rather than having the entire operating system here, we just use kickstarts with livecd-creator to make livecds. However, on another note, why the fuck does this website still exist? The project was ended ... umm ... over a fucking year ago? Now this website serves no purpose but to be vandalized by anonymous users. The project is still a nifty idea, but the AnonPad link to where Cherimoya is being developed is long defunct, the imageboard is empty and the source code is lost (as is the download for Annonaceae).

Goodnight, sweet prince. Anybody who is reading this page is lost in the ensnares of what could have and should have been. Farewell, and goodnight.

This is a guide on how it works. 8======D If you would like to understand how they work, go to Kickstarts.

Creating a live image from a kickstart

  • A Fedora installation (Either on disk or in a virtual machine)
  • livecd-tools
  • Basic knowledge of using the Linux command-line
  • A recent version of the kickstarts (like this)

First, open up a terminal and become root.

$ su

Then, install livecd-tools.

# yum install livecd-tools

Now set SELinux to permissive.

# setenforce 0

Change to the directory that you’ve downloaded this archive to, and then change to the “anonos” directory.

# cd anonos

Make a cache directory (/var/cache/live writes to RAM and swap, so the space will be used up quick.)

# mkdir cache

Copy and paste one of the below to start making your chosen liveCD. Make sure you have enough space for twice the liveCD’s size. (usually 2GBs)

For Annonaceae:

livecd-creator \ --config=annonaceae.ks \ --fslabel=Annonaceae V.0.0.6 --cache=cache

For Cherimoya:

livecd-creator \ --config=cherimoya.ks \ --fslabel=Cherimoya V.0.0.6 --cache=cache

Once you are done, free up space by deleting ~/cache. # rm -r cache