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Update of "Kickstarts"

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Page Name:Kickstarts
Date: 2011-02-25 06:53:01
Original User: treeofsephiroth

Most info was borrowed from the Fedora Kickstart Guide.

The AnonOS Project uses Kickstart configs with livecd-tools to build releases. They can be reviewed here.

To learn how to actually build a liveCD with those kickstarts, go to developing.

Creating a kickstart file

First, be aware of the following issues when you are creating your kickstart file:

While not strictly required, there is a natural order for sections that should be followed. Items within the sections do not have to be in a specific order (unless otherwise noted). The section order is:

  • Command section -- You must include the required options.
  • The %packages section -- This is where you place added packages.
  • The %pre, %post, and %traceback sections -- These sections can be in any order and are not required. Refer to Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 for details.
  • The %packages, %pre, %post and %traceback sections are all required to be closed with %end
  • Items that are not required can be omitted.
  • Lines starting with a pound sign (#) are treated as comments and are ignored.