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<h1>Localization of AnonOS</h1>
Fell free to add yourself to the list by editing the wiki, include: Name and eMail-Adress...
if you want to stay anonymous, just take an anonymous eMail-Provider!

(NOTE: With the new kickstart system, localization is a hell of a lot easier. 
Just add them in another kickstart config. <a href="">Here's</a> one to make Annonaceae German)


  *  used here; base of Development;

  *  needed!

  *  needed!

<b><a href="">German</a></b>
  *  Netzblockierer (you are welcome to join us!)

  *  urgently needed!


Simplified Chinese - <i>Used in Mainland China</i>
  *  needed...

Traditional Chinese - <i>Used in Taiwan & Singapore</i>
  *  needed...

  *  Maybe not needed?
  *  why not?

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