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Wiki page [Suggestions] by anonymous on 2011-02-26 17:51:25.
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Suggestions for AnonOS - Development!

Please add all your Suggestions you have onto AnonOS - Development!

Add Wikileaks insurance file if we have enough space
We won't. it'll be 1,4GB, preferably like 500MB (that's not very realistic, of course; except we make it a DVD, but I dunno if DVD is such a often used format there...
    *  Out aim should be 700mb or less for CDR use. LiveCDs can store up to 2GB of software on 700MB due to the use of squashfs -Freeheart

    *  Try to shrink it onto a mini-CD, so that it can be covered as Audio+Data-CD (bootable)!

    *  The CD-Player detects music... So you hafta test the disk manually, or can hide it as music, so that police or so can be tricked possibly...

    *  for identification... try Lady Gaga - Telephone (Bradley Manning sang it as he leeched the Database!)

    *  lol ok see... it has to be cool stuff...!

    *  Free, fitting music from Machinae Supremacy

With official links, so that we can easily add them to the script:



    *  They also have other stuff, but I think these lyrics would fit.


We should eventually provide multilingual documentation for staying secure and anonymous online. Maybe just start with a basic guide to IRC.

    *  We need translators for this! Visit the localization site!

Basic ready to run windows/mac software. Just thinking Firefox with Ghostery/some of the extensions here: Perhaps an IRC client. Having software that people can run immediately increases the likelihood they'll try more complex stuff like VirtualBox or reinstalls.

Program suggestions:

    *  jdownloader
    *  Users on Windows systems may have encrypted USB storage. LUKS and /home on Linux is fine, but excludes external Windows and Mac devices. -Freeheart

    *  <i>speaking of Fedora, I found it a pain to get started mainly because it doesn't have full multimedia support from the start.  I'm suggesting that AnonOS is capable of playing common audio/video formats right away.</i>
    *  Fedora will be fine, if you just take the time to add the correct things from the start. We've done that already with vlc.

    *  ff add-ons: wot,no-script,imacros,adblock,4chan,greasemonkey! ->

    *  w3af

    *  S compatible with it from beginning.

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