nmspd - No Man's Sky Portal Decoder

This is a Qt/C++ program created for the common issue of lacking reliable internet connectivity to convert coordinates to portal addresses, and vice versa. There are several websites out there that will do this conversion for you. This program is for the people that do not always have that option.


  • Dependencies: Qt (qt5)
  • Make dependencies: CC compiler (gcc, clang, etc), Qt headers (qt5-devel)
  • Optional: Fossil to clone this repo

This program has been tested on:

  • Linux kernel: 4.14.55-lts, 4.18
  • Qt: 5.9, 5.11.1

Please let me know if it works on other operating systems/configurations.

Download and Compile

Download the latest release and then extract the tarball.


Clone this repo:

$ fossil clone https://chiselapp.com/user/tion/repository/nmspd nmspd.fossil
$ fossil open nmspd.fossil

Now that you have the source code...

Build it:

$ qmake -o Makefile nmspd.pro
$ make

Run the GUI:

$ nmspd
If you prefer to use a specific style already installed on your system:
$ nmspd -style "NAME-OF-STYLE"

For information about the CLI:

$ nmspd -h



It is fairly self-explanatory.

Enter the coordinates or glyph code into the appropriate field, then click the button to either convert to a glyph code or to a coordinate respectively. Optionally select a portal number when converting a coordinate. If you are unsure what this should be, then leave it at 1.

You can obtain coordinates from other players or in-game. Coordinates can be obtained in-game by building a signal booster on any planet or moon. Interact with the signal booster and look for an alphanumeric sequence in the lower left corner of the form:

The actual values will differ. Only the last 16 digits are important and are what you enter into the program. In this example, the coordinates you enter would be 12AB:34CD:EF56:7890, ignoring the XXXX that preceeds it.


I am not and will never be smart enough to decode star system coordinates and portal sequences on my own. What others have discovered and shared I have merely adapted to for use offline.