Download release tarball: spotoconf-0.9.tar.gz

Previous versions: spotoconf-0.8.tar.gz

Spot o' Conf is a configuration and build system

Spot o' Conf is TEA-inspired and caters to Tcl and Jim extensions.


New for 0.9:

Many new features in 0.8. No docs yet.

A Spot o' Conf user's requests, followed by my comments.

a) with-tcl= is required ((but shouldn't be) for script-only extensions, also tclConfig.sh does not add anything; make it optional; >> Use TCL_CONF_DIR=no in spoto.conf or --with-tcl=no when running configure.

b) offer a default mechanism to pre-load prefix and friends from tclsh setting; >> Tclsh doesn't provide that info.

c) moddir overloading from configure not possible right now; >> Now possible.

d) right now, i use moddir='$(shell)' to call into a Tcl script... is there a better way? can I use some Tcl version info from within spoto.conf, Makefile.in? >> Use moddir=guess in spoto.conf or --moddir=guess when running configure.

e) *.tm is a symbolic link, which precludes generating something into it upon deployment (see my top-level tm); so I need an extension target to make an actual copy ... >> Use new vars: BUILD_SCLIB, BUILD_SCBIN, BUILD_DOC

f) work better with structured .tm's >> Now posssible.


- update Jim's testing.tcl? - include Jim's testing.tcl?

- Does Spotoconf work with .a's? Probably.

- Handle more than one source file per build?

- Offload particular discoveries to Autosetup/Autoconf/CMake?

DONE - better dist: include more possibilities or reduce & make users use their own makefile.package.in?

+ Updated package and dist bits. Added Makefile.pkgs.in to the mix.