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Description of what you will find here:


  *  Make top window full-screen.workflow: Not every application has a full-screen mode. This workflow tries to mimic a full-screen mode. Current implementation is simple, it just sets the top window size to the size of the desktop. I recommend saving this as a service that takes no input. Services are always accessible in the Services menu and you can also assign global hotkeys to services. (Note: You cannot "save as" as a service. You have to create a New service in Automator. Then copy and paste the Run AppleScript action and the script inside it.)

  *  Backup for iTunes music.workflow: I use this to backup my iTunes purchases to [|JungleDisk]

  *  Checksum selected files.workflow: When you download files from web sites, they often have an MD5 or SHA1 checksum. Download the files, select them in Finder and run this workflow. It pops up a window with both MD5 and SHA1 checksums of the files. No need to open a Terminal window for this anymore.

  *  Copy podcasts to phone.workflow: My previous phone was a Sony-Ericsson feature phone. I had a smart playlist of new podcasts in iTunes and I ran this workflow to copy those podcasts to the phone memory card.

  *  Copy songs to phone.workflow: This was used to copy music to the same phone card.

  *  DVD ➔ AVI.workflow: Insert a DVD into the Mac and select its icon in Finder. Then run this workflow and wait. Automator runs [|HandBrake] command-line utility to convert the DVD into DivX-encoded AVI video file. The DVD is ejected when encoding is complete.

  *  Fix 4CC.workflow: AVI video files have a 32-bit type identifier called FOURCC or 4CC. The conventional identifier for DivX videos is "DX50". It also happens to be the identifier my DivX-capable DVD player box supports. Recently HandBrake began using another FOURCC code instead of the conventional standard. This workflow fixes an AVI video file so it plays on my DVD player.

  *  Hae TVkaistasta.workflow: a template for a workflow I used to automatically download my favorite tv shows from [|TVkaista] when I used to subscribe to that service.


  *  Change FOURCC of AVI videos: Xcode project for Automator action that can change the FOURCC identifier of an AVI video file. This is just a wrapper around the [|cfourcc] command line utility.

  *  Copy using rsync: Xcode project for Automator action that can copy given files with [|rsync]. Rsync is the cool file-copying tool that can copy only what has changed and can continue interrupted copying. The best tool for moving files over the Internet.
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