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11 timeline items occurring around 2010-01-29.

[9292490135] - genStubs.tcl: No longer generate a space after "*" and immediately after a function name, so the... (user: nijtmans, tags: trunk)
12:09 • New ticket [2942190fff] TCL 8.5.8 on AIX fails to run with "out of stack space". (user: dougedey)
[68e5104e39] Fix macro conflict on CYGWIN: don't use "small". (user: nijtmans, tags: core-8-5-branch)
[998a628472] Use correct TCL_LL_MODIFIER for CYGWIN. Formatting (all backported from HEAD) Fix gcc 4.4 warning: i... (user: nijtmans, tags: core-8-5-branch)
09:15 • New ticket [2942081fff] Tcl_ThreadDataKey changed to void *. (user: nijtmans)
17:14 • Ticket [2941443fff] expr 9999999**9999999 kills my progs status still Closed with 4 other changes (user: ferrieux) ... 4 similar events omitted.
14:40 • Closed ticket [2941441fff]: file join bug with arg starting with slash / plus 7 other changes (user: dkf)