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Merged in diskin2 mode for cfg.orc check-in: 0021a3fe22 user: brian tags: develop
Got diskin2 sample method partially working; it won't play all of the files, though check-in: c9abf46a9f user: brian tags: feature/diskin2
Imported the todo list from MUS306 check-in: 072fa6ad30 user: brian tags: develop
Added a sampled double bass, modified the program to respond to an instrument's specified octave check-in: eb81d5f9fd user: brian tags: develop
Made some changes to the parser. Don't remember what. Leaf check-in: 87435601e4 user: brian tags: master
Create new branch named "develop" check-in: 9f4c4666c5 user: brian tags: develop
Program generates a render order for the instruments based on their sync order check-in: 689adc054e user: brian@linux-85dd.site tags: master
Added lexical support for parens instead of quotes for chords, cleaned up the yacc parser, added lex tokens for syncopation check-in: 702d933446 user: brian@linux-85dd.site tags: master

Modified cfg.orc from [9f49be1cae] to [e60884eb39].    [diff]

Deleted cfg.py version [e9b556b4f3].

Modified parse.py from [3ec57c3fbe] to [2afbfc4534].    [diff]

Added samples/bass/1.05.wav version [e6f01c2d0c].

Added samples/bass/1.06.wav version [589b4c9c16].

Added samples/bass/1.07.wav version [b5bd0e0b28].

Added samples/bass/1.08.wav version [4e22c8e289].

Added samples/bass/1.09.wav version [8eafba8350].

Added samples/bass/1.10.wav version [6c9d557273].

Added samples/bass/1.11.wav version [d210644e57].

Added samples/bass/2.00.wav version [df0ad67bd3].

Added samples/bass/2.01.wav version [5e4bdb6301].

Added samples/bass/2.02.wav version [2787d975d6].

Added samples/bass/2.03.wav version [6ce7982e46].

Added samples/bass/2.04.wav version [3c3feb5b24].

Added samples/bass/2.05.wav version [569b7181fc].

Added samples/bass/2.06.wav version [297d4f860f].

Added samples/bass/2.07.wav version [1ac14e3cd2].

Added samples/bass/2.08.wav version [b92037909c].

Added samples/bass/2.09.wav version [760599b161].

Added samples/bass/2.10.wav version [3b900ab89f].

Added samples/bass/2.11.wav version [bcaf91186d].

Added samples/bass/3.00.wav version [5d028b32a1].

Added samples/bass/3.01.wav version [9d6dded4d3].

Added samples/bass/3.02.wav version [78dab72fb7].

Added samples/bass/3.03.wav version [9476ff14fb].

Added samples/bass/3.04.wav version [0822a77edf].

Added samples/bass/3.05.wav version [dc233966b5].

Added samples/bass/3.06.wav version [c254ae3482].

Added samples/bass/3.07-old1.wav version [7e77a9e339].

Added samples/bass/3.07.wav version [23ec2fdb73].

Added samples/bass/3.08.wav version [c799d64faf].

Added samples/bass/3.09.wav version [cedce4e5ea].

Added samples/bass/3.10.wav version [bbc1ef4a09].

Added samples/bass/3.11.wav version [f679f5a61b].

Added samples/bass/Bass.arco.mf.sulE.C2B2.aiff version [b705aee00e].

Added samples/bass/Bass.arco.mf.sulE.C3D3.aiff version [17eacace3a].

Added samples/bass/Bass.arco.mf.sulG.C3B3.aiff version [8b429011eb].

Added samples/bass/Bass.arco.mf.sulG.G2B2.aiff version [8c3a1d88c6].

Added samples/bass/test.orc version [2795c8cc70].

Added samples/bass/test.sco version [f5f91e8863].

Added samples/bass/test.wav version [550291acb7].

Added score.yaml version [29fd4ba47c].

Added spiffyscore.py version [791db3d131].

Deleted test.sco version [c92bf3908c].

Added tree.py version [29c78902c8].