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Somehow never got added to the repo check-in: b28babbbb4 user: spiffy tags: develop
Made the site a ton prettier check-in: ecb326adfb user: spiffy tags: develop, v0.3
Moved the 'mark feed read' button back below the feed title Leaf check-in: 3881a5300d user: spiffy tags: feature/pretty
23:52 New ticket [2633fe0687] Add support for using a demo account. artifact: ccf8d448ce user: spiffytech
23:19 Edit [07a2f861bb]: Edit check-in comment. artifact: 8178a44bb1 user: spiffytech
23:19 Closed ticket [9678271609]: Add Google Analytics support plus 3 other changes artifact: 6357f10ad5 user: spiffytech
23:18 Ticket [7c1c5a9879] Catch Newsblur !200 errors and show a friendly error page status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 18d0e2b8d3 user: spiffytech
23:17 Ticket [c925c221ac] Add feed/story title to page title status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: 931c11f9f8 user: spiffytech
[9678271609e046a71f06dd091c7ae666716cc670] Added a Google Analytics tracking code check-in: 07a2f861bb user: spiffy tags: develop
23:06 Edit [0a19da60e0]: Mark "Closed". artifact: 1ee5a0bde7 user: spiffy
Set the page title for the stories list page check-in: 21cebdfb51 user: spiffy tags: feature/pretty
Prettied up the feed list page check-in: 1d6bdd2f2b user: spiffy tags: feature/pretty
13:36 New ticket [7c1c5a9879] Catch Tewsblur !200 errors and show a friendly error page. artifact: 87bec40c1f user: spiffytech
Set the minimum page scale factor to make it big enough on my tablet check-in: b6f01ceab0 user: spiffy tags: feature/pretty
Added colors to the intelligencs scores in the feed list check-in: daef6c0f88 user: spiffy tags: feature/pretty
Story list page is styled much more nicely check-in: c5a2ec2308 user: spiffy tags: better-story-list, feature/pretty
Added some color. It doesn't look very good, but it's at least not atrocious anymore. check-in: b2d6f6e2e9 user: spiffy tags: feature/pretty
18:35 New ticket [e9d15cb6cc] Add pagination with progressive-enhancement auto-lengthen. artifact: 7ed2021f75 user: spiffytech
03:22 New ticket [9678271609] Add Google Analytics support. artifact: 0bf187c0d9 user: spiffytech
Create new branch named "feature/pretty" check-in: e8b2e22e32 user: spiffy tags: feature/pretty
03:08 Fixed ticket [2bd69fdb5b]: Make MB the default web2py app plus 3 other changes artifact: 056084a2e8 user: spiffytech
[2bd69fdb5b4c5fc04d40ea402cc18510b073c4e3] Mobileblur is now the default web2py app check-in: e23a2d0023 user: spiffy tags: develop
23:59 New ticket [2bd69fdb5b] Make MB the default web2py app. artifact: 57ec690bf3 user: spiffytech
23:53 Closed ticket [12e10e324e]: Add timestamps to stories in the story page and story list plus 3 other changes artifact: 83536b3679 user: spiffytech
[12e10e324e61e687d024bb1aac1a1c031ef48dd3] Added each story's timestamp below it in the story list check-in: 4e2808f7d1 user: spiffy tags: develop
23:49 Closed ticket [450ab2dd15]: Make unread stories a different color from read stories in the story list plus 3 other changes artifact: f2a125a46f user: spiffytech
[450ab2dd15] Read stories are now a different color from unread stories check-in: 137407b6e5 user: spiffy tags: develop
Added a button to mark a story as read check-in: da2e9d5879 user: spiffy tags: develop
23:27 New ticket [541a9d2050] Make story view not asplode if the page is loaded without the feed ID passed in. artifact: 5def758e1d user: spiffytech
23:26 New ticket [c925c221ac] Add feed/story title to page title. artifact: 05242c8be4 user: spiffytech
23:03 New ticket [3490859019] Add support for viewing in Story or Original mode. artifact: e79e8c2fcf user: spiffytech
22:58 New ticket [450ab2dd15] Make unread stories a different color from read stories in the story list. artifact: f6d8c76ac8 user: spiffytech
22:57 New ticket [12e10e324e] Add timestamps to stories in the story page and story list. artifact: c96555b941 user: spiffytech
22:56 New ticket [cbabb1fcdf] Add favicons to feeds. artifact: eb5783b939 user: spiffytech
22:56 New ticket [2ee8bea3df] Make it pretty. artifact: 2a31723c0d user: spiffytech
Added a logout button check-in: 678f5259f2 user: spiffy tags: develop
Added support for multiple users to use the site simultaneously check-in: 2ac904a27b user: spiffy tags: trunk, v0.2
Added a catch to handle a failed Newsblur login check-in: 759f07e810 user: spiffy tags: develop
Added support for multiple users to use the site simultaneously check-in: 8cd4f18daf user: spiffy tags: develop
18:36 Edit [56de658fd0]: Add tag "v0.1". artifact: 472d9fc05e user: spiffy
Release 0.1- support for a single user, basic functionality works check-in: 56de658fd0 user: spiffy tags: trunk, v0.1
Merged in support for a real auth system, not a one-user DB kludge check-in: 57cc1847b3 user: spiffy tags: develop
Fixed bug that kept login form from working on non-localhost (turns out web2py 1.96.1 disabled generic views for other hosts) Closed-Leaf check-in: 0a19da60e0 user: spiffy tags: feature/web2py_auth
Upgraded to web2py 1.99.2 check-in: 5e6e1e2c0a user: spiffy tags: feature/web2py_auth
Removed NewsBlur login tracking from the database and instead just give the client a copy of their NewsBlur cookie check-in: 5a37a6a313 user: spiffy tags: feature/web2py_auth
Merged in change from branch develop that fixes the app check-in: a162dcef14 user: spiffy tags: feature/web2py_auth
Removed web2py import calls from the Newsblur module check-in: b33aaf3ac3 user: spiffy tags: develop
Create new branch named "feature/web2py_auth" check-in: 50a1ba732d user: spiffy tags: feature/web2py_auth
Added a button to mark a feed as read check-in: b74e6c434b user: spiffy tags: develop
Moved newsblur library from urllib to Requests. Moved username storage to the DB. Store cookie in the DB. Centralize a login function that checks the DB for a user's cookie on each page load and logs the user in if there's no cookie. check-in: cbc0649388 user: spiffy tags: develop
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