en.js at [eba4a35a21]

en.js at [eba4a35a21]

File applications/admin/static/edit_area/langs/en.js artifact a5cb18929b part of check-in eba4a35a21

new_document: "new empty document",
search_button: "search and replace",
search_command: "search next / open search area",
search: "search",
replace: "replace",
replace_command: "replace / open search area",
find_next: "find next",
replace_all: "replace all",
reg_exp: "regular expressions",
match_case: "match case",
not_found: "not found.",
occurrence_replaced: "occurences replaced.",
search_field_empty: "Search field empty",
restart_search_at_begin: "End of area reached. Restart at begin.",
move_popup: "move search popup",
font_size: "--Font size--",
go_to_line: "go to line",
go_to_line_prompt: "go to line number:",
undo: "undo",
redo: "redo",
change_smooth_selection: "enable/disable some display features (smarter display but more CPU charge)",
highlight: "toggle syntax highlight on/off",
reset_highlight: "reset highlight (if desyncronized from text)",
word_wrap: "toggle word wrapping mode",
help: "about",
save: "save",
load: "load",
line_abbr: "Ln",
char_abbr: "Ch",
position: "Position",
total: "Total",
close_popup: "close popup",
shortcuts: "Shortcuts",
add_tab: "add tabulation to text",
remove_tab: "remove tabulation to text",
about_notice: "Notice: syntax highlight function is only for small text",
toggle: "Toggle editor",
accesskey: "Accesskey",
tab: "Tab",
shift: "Shift",
ctrl: "Ctrl",
esc: "Esc",
processing: "Processing...",
fullscreen: "fullscreen",
syntax_selection: "--Syntax--",
close_tab: "Close file"