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Module contenttype

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This file is part of the web2py Web Framework Copyrighted by Massimo Di Pierro <> License: LGPLv3 (

CONTENT_TYPE dictionary created against' shared mime info database version 0.70.

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contenttype(filename, default='text/plain')
Returns the Content-Type string matching extension of the given filename.
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Variables [hide private]
  CONTENT_TYPE = {'.123': 'application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3', '.3ds':...
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{'.123': 'application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3',
 '.3ds': 'image/x-3ds',
 '.3g2': 'video/3gpp',
 '.3ga': 'video/3gpp',
 '.3gp': 'video/3gpp',
 '.3gpp': 'video/3gpp',
 '.602': 'application/x-t602',
 '.669': 'audio/x-mod',