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patch for more multi-accounted oriented menu

More will say this file: Ifacetk dialogs-for-menuitems-privacylists-discovery-browser-vcard multiaccounts.diff

before: go in menu Services → Service Discovery, opens a new tab of discovery for first (probably) connection

after: go in menu Services → Service Discovery, if there is one connection, opens a new tab of discovery, if more, shows a dialog to choose connections to make tabs for.

Affects: menu items (Service → (Service Discovery, Jabber Browser), Tkabber → Privacy lists → (Edit invisible, Edit ignore, Manual edit,Tkabber → Edit vcard)

before: go in menu Tkabber → Presence → Change priority, enter the number and change priority

after: right of status textbox, lies priority box, focus it, write a number, press enter and change priority

before: no ability to send deprecated (but wanted by some people) Invisible presence (no Tkabber → Presence → Invisible or Invisible from status-type box)

after: exists Invisible (Tkabber → Presence → Invisible, Invisible from status-type box)