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Welcome to the official documentation page of one of the advanced Jabber (XMPP) client, Tkabber.

Please note that in Russian and Ukrainian parts of this wiki we write Tkabber in Cyrillic, like this — Ткаббер. The reason is simple: Tkabber is a Russian program, so at least in Russian we can permit us do this ;) Besides, declensions make the discourse more smooth and fluent.



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Should you have any questions about the wiki's organization please contact Bigote (Russian,English, Spanish, Catalan), Kostix (Russian,English). You also can find us in the conference

Any registered user can edit wiki pages. Registration is free. This project is multi-language; at the present moment there are four versions: Russian, English, Spanish and Ukrainian. If you would like to translate wiki pages to some other language please contact us. While translating you could find useful our Help page.

If you are vigorous about helping this wiki and Tkabber itself with your hands and brain please read first our plans for the future, so that not to reinvent the wheel. If you have new ideas about features you would like to implement, please leave them on that page so that other project members could learn them. If you don't have experience in working with wiki please refer to the Help page where you can find a lot of useful advices regarding tags, links and other things.

From time to time we are asked "who is who" in the conference and here, on the wiki. Old-timer and one of wiki creators Bigote is "semper paratus" to tell you a history of their creation (if you don't mind to buy him a pint of beer to wet hist whistle ;-D