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Ticket: c3263a9efa78054208ab45b2c7cec7a2e76aa799
User & Date: anonymous 2016-06-15 11:33:14

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    "Symmetric cipher (binary input)" (encrypt-decrypt-1.7) test from changeset dcf97702ed414a66fc493252e32437f47079f40b fails on OpenBSD (-current, amd64, tcl 8.5) with rather cryptic message:

    ==== encrypt-decrypt-1.7 Symmetric cipher (binary input) FAILED ==== Contents of test case:

    set c [::gpg::new] $c set -property armor -value true $c set -property passphrase-callback -value pcb1 $c set -property pinentry-mode -value loopback $c set -property encoding -value binary encoding convertfrom [$c decrypt -input [$c encrypt -input [encoding convertto "$message\r\n$message"]]]

    ---- Result was: plaintext {Hello ?????? Hello ??????} ---- Result should have been (exact matching): plaintext {Hello ?????? Hello ??????} ==== encrypt-decrypt-1.7 FAILED

    Test suit should probably provide more details about mismatch, eg. mismatching bytes.

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