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Page Name:Tcl Raspberry Pi I/O
Date: 2017-04-13 08:56:45
Original User: schelte
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The piio project aims to provide a library for accessing the I/O capabilities of the Raspberry Pi from Tcl.

The piio package supports three of the I/O methods available on the Raspberry Pi via three new commands:

  • piio for general purpose I/O, also known as gpio.
  • twowire for Inter-Integrated Circuit, also known as i2c.
  • spi for Serial Peripheral Interface bus.

In addition it makes a number of modules available that support specific i2c devices:

  • dallas for a DS1621 temperature sensor
  • jeebmp for a BMP085 pressure (and temperature) sensor
  • jeeio for a MCP23008 8 pin I/O chip
  • jeelux for a TSL2561 light sensor
  • onewire for a DS2482 1-wire interface driver

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