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accordion - a multi-paned container widget


accordion pathname ?options ...?


An accordion widget manages a collection of windows (called panes) and displays a single one at a time. Each slave window is associated with a button, which the user may select to change the currently-displayed window.

Command Options

-height pixels
Specifies the desired height of widget.
-speed speed
Specifies the animation speed. Useful values range from 1 to around 20.
-width pixels
Specifies the desired width of widget.

Pane Options

-compound pixels
Specifies how to display the image relative to the text, in the case both -text and -image are present. Valid values are:
Display text only.
Display image only.
Display text centered on top of image.
top / bottom / left / right
Display image above, below, left of, or right of the text, respectively.
The default; display the image if present, otherwise the text.
-image image
Specifies an image to display. This is a list of 1 or more elements. The first element is the default image name. The rest of the list is a sequence of statespec / value pairs as per style map, specifying different images to use when the widget is in a particular state or combination of states. All images in the list should have the same size.
-text string
Specifies a text string to be displayed inside the widget (unless overridden by -textvariable).
-textvariable name
Specifies the desired height of widget.
-underline index
If set, specifies the integer index (0-based) of a character to underline in the text string. The underlined character is used for mnemonic activation.

Pane Identifiers

The paneid argument to the following commands may take any of the following forms:

Widget Command

pathname add window ?options ...?
Adds a new tab to the notebook. See Pane Options for the list of available options.
pathname configure ?options?
Query or modify the configuration options of the widget. If one or more option-value pairs are specified, then the command modifies the given widget option(s) to have the given value(s); in this case the command returns an empty string. If option is specified with no value, then the command returns a list describing the named option: the elements of the list are the option name, database name, database class, default value, and current value. If no option is specified, returns a list describing all of the available options for pathName.
pathname cget option
Returns the current value of the configuration option given by option.
pathname forget paneid
Removes the pane specified by paneid, unmaps and unmanages the associated window.
pathname index paneid
Returns the numeric index of the tab specified by paneid, or the total number of panes if paneid is the string "end".
pathname insert pos window ?options ...?
Inserts a pane at the specified position. pos is either the string end, an integer index, or the name of a managed subwindow. If subwindow is already managed by the notebook, moves it to the specified position. See Pane Options for the list of available options.
pathname pane paneid ?option ?value?? ...
Query or modify the options of the specific pane. If no -option is specified, returns a dictionary of the tab option values. If one -option is specified, returns the value of that option. Otherwise, sets the -options to the corresponding values. See Pane Options for the list of available options.
pathname panes
Returns the list of windows managed by the accordion.
pathname select paneid
Selects the specified pane. The associated slave window will be displayed, and the previously-selected window (if different) is unmapped. If paneid is omitted, returns the widget name of the currently selected pane.