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Wiki page [sg-select-similar-colors] by saulgoode 2013-08-29 00:09:42.
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L sg-select-similar-colors
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<dt><b>Command:</b> <dd>Similar colors</dd></dt>
<dt><b>Menu:</b> <dd>"<Image>/Select/Similar colors"</dd></dt>
<dt><b>PDB Name:</b> <dd>script-fu-sg-select-similar-colors</dd></dt>
<dt><b>Download:</b> <dd>[|sg-select-similar-colors.scm] (after the page appears, click on the "Download" command)</dd></dt>
<dt><b>License:</b> <dd>[copyright|GPLv2+]</dd></dt>

<dt><b>Description:</b> <dd>This script mirrors the functionality of Select By Color Tool, but permits specification of the color (rather than picking it from the image). Other than the Color specification swatch, all options in the dialog correspond directly to those of the Select By Color tool's Options.
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