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<dl><dt><b>Command:</b> <dd>Anti-crop</dd></dt>
<dt><b>Menu:</b> <dd>"<Image>/Layer/Anti-crop"</dd></dt>
<dt><b>PDB Name:</b> <dd>script-fu-sg-anti-crop</dd></dt>
<dt><b>Download:</b> <dd>[|sg-anti-crop.scm] (after the page appears, click on the "Download" command)</dd></dt>
<dt><b>License:</b> <dd>[copyright|GPLv2+]</dd></dt>

<dt><b>Description:</b> <dd>The main purpose of this script is to remove either a horizontal or a vertical strip from a layer and then re-join the two outside regions. The "strip" is defined by a rectangular selection spanning the entire width or height of the layer.

<center><img src="" />

<center><img src="" /></center>

If the selected region does not completely span the layer then, rather than generating an error, the script will extend the selection to the layer boundary, remove the resultant selection, and then re-join the remaining regions. In all cases, the resultant layer is centered relative to the location of the original layer.

<center><img src="" />

<center><img src="" />

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