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Page Name:RFX-GIMP
Date: 2012-05-03 19:09:42
Original User: saul
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RFX-GIMP provides an interface that permits the LiVES video editor to take advantage of GIMP's scripting capabilities.

In other words, you can write LiVES add-ons using GIMP Script-fu.

When you run a RFX-GIMP script, LiVES will connect to a GIMP process running in the background and transmit the script's commands over the network to the Script-fu server.

This project is still in its early stages. For now, you can visit the getting started page for more info. For those interested, I have posted about some of my experiences writing RFX-GIMP on my weblog.


Edit in GAP - Allows editing of the selected range of frames in GAP (GIMP Animation Package).
Cartoonize - Gives frames a cartoon-like appearance.
Cross Process - Simulates cross-processing color negative film as though it were slide film.
Diffuse - Simulates using a diffusion filter on the camera.
Invert - Inverts the colors.
Motion Blur - Perform motion blurring.
Ripple - Apply horizontal or vertical ripples to frames.
Waves - Apply concentric wave effect such as produced by tossing a pebble in a pond.
Technicolor 3-strip - Simulates Technicolor 3-strip film process.
Unsharp Mask - Sharpens image in high-contrast regions.
Video Pattern - Adds scanline type artifacts to frames.


Clock Wipe - Transition with wiping motion a la hands of a clock.
Color Match - Matches the colors of the selected range of frames to match that of the first frame in the clipboard.