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Artifact ID: d1d2ae1c8779fbf41c17a519b2cfc1e107adb619
Page Name:Linux upload tool for the JQ6500 MP3 player module
Date: 2017-02-16 16:44:28
Original User: rmax
Usage: jq6500 [OPTION]... [FILE]...

Write files to an MP3 player based on the JQ6500 chip that is connected
via USB. Files can be written in raw mode or as a simple file system which
is created on the fly.
The file system is needed by the device in order to play MP3 or WAV
files. Raw mode can be used to overwrite the ISO image in the first
256kiB of the device or to flash an existing file system image with audio

  -d device   SCSI generic device or file to write to (mandatory)
  -r          write a single file in raw mode without creating a file system
  -o offset   default: 0x40000
  -s prefix   save the content of the pseudo file system on the device
              to a set of files named prefix-dirno-fileno
  -f          force operation (disable sanity checks).