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Manual Page

`package require tcc4tcl`

Creates a Tcl procedure that calls C code.


  1.  `tcc4tcl::cproc <procName> <argList> <returnType> <code>`
    1. `<procName>` is the name of the Tcl procedure to create
    1. `<argList>` is a list of arguments and their types for the C function;
      1. The list is in the format of: type1 name1 type2 name2 ... typeN nameN
      1. The supported types are:
        1. Tcl_Interp*
        1. int
        1. long
        1. float
        1. double
        1. char*
        1. Tcl_Obj*
        1. void*
    1. `<returnType>` is the return type for the C function
      1. The supported types are:
        1. void: No return value
        1. ok: Return TCL\_OK or TCL_ERROR
        1. int
        1. long
        1. float
        1. double
        1. char*: TCL_STATIC string (immutable from C)
        1. string, dstring: TCL_DYNAMIC string (mutable from C)
        1. vstring: TCL_VOLATILE string (mutable from C)
        1. default: Tcl_Obj*, a Tcl Object
    1. `<code>` is the C code that comprises the function


  1.  `tcc4tcl::cproc add {int a int b} { return(a+b); }`


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