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Artifact ca462c12137f74e05f7f20db4d9cea9def4134ba:

- Changed over to autoconf 
(thanks to Roy Keene (packetbl at rkeene dot org) for his assistance,
even though this was in the works before he sent his patch, I was able to
use many of his tests)

- Added support for DryRun mode
- Won't handle any packets outside of port 25 unless a config option is set
- Added firedns support
- Added support for different log facilities.

- Added support for reject fallthrough
- Put IP address in fallthrough
- Compiles cleaner under Wall
- Removed the README stuff and changed it with the wiki info.

- Fixed another error handling bug, this time in ipq_read.
- Increased buffer size from BUFSIZ to 65536.
- Added check to ensure that the QUEUE target is loaded.
- Removed references to BSD.
- Commented out temporarily the requirement that bls resolve. Will add back
in as an option eventually.

- Fixed bug in reporting the error coming from ipq_set_mode.

- Added rudimentary caching algorithm.

- Modified to compile cleaner with -Wall
- Put daemonize after parse_config so error messages don't get swallowed up
- made the config file into a #define
- Changes to documentation