Tagged Check-ins

Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

18:10 libconfig 0.3.3 check-in: 365b6c155e user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.3.3
19:56 libconfig 0.3.2 check-in: 760bcd50bc user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.3.2
19:32 libconfig 0.3.1 check-in: 56e030b473 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.3.1
14:10 libconfig 0.2.6 Fixed support for building in a directory other than the one with the source code check-in: aa484e24b4 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.2.6
08:07 libconfig 0.2.5 Corrected typo (Thanks to T. Hayfield of GMAIL.COM) check-in: 956afb5655 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.2.5
03:14 libconfig 0.2.4 Added support for "double" and "float" types Moved the test config file into a user directory check-in: d281965daf user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.2.4
23:45 libconfig 0.2.3 Patched Makefile's install target to handle destinations with spaces in the name correctly. Patch by T. Hayfield of GMAIL.COM check-in: dbd6b11bf6 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.2.3
19:57 libconfig 0.2.2 Fixed missing install commands for new man pages (oops) check-in: b3554bc362 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.2.2
19:40 libconfig 0.2.1 Updated typos in man pages, made "SEE ALSO" more consistent Added manpage formatting for new man pages, added lc_handle_type man page check-in: 8e0181d70f user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.2.1
19:15 libconfig 0.2.0 released check-in: f205c925b8 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.2.0
16:03 Fixed compile error caused by Subversion update confusion. libconfig 0.1.21 check-in: 45472c6a14 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.21
16:00 Added missing error line/file information for conf_apache libconfig 0.1.20 check-in: b9a32192b7 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.20
08:27 Added filename and line numbers to error messages. Began adding support for lists of options rather than just one option per item. libconfig 0.1.19 check-in: 730308bffd user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.19
11:54 Updated configure process on Win32 to use DLL base. Fixed "lc_cleanup" causing segfaults. check-in: 793852910f user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.18
11:30 Began adding IPv6 support check-in: 2ae4c0df0a user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.17
20:00 Fixed last fix for Mac OS X shared libraries, oops. libconfig 0.1.16 check-in: 4d7bd96b4e user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.16
19:45 Updated Mac OS X support (7.7.0 with gcc 3.3 now works) Added a --enable-small that disables a few options to make a smaller library. Updated win32 build to make an i386 object explicitly (this may have been the default) libconfig 0.1.15 check-in: 0febd33a2d user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.15
00:44 Cygwin was made its own port. Various fixes to strtoll replacement. libconfig 0.1.14 check-in: 7d6fa8e6b1 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.14
18:55 More cygwin fixes. libconfig 0.1.12 check-in: c1e4573958 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.12
10:46 Win32 fixes. libconfig 0.1.8 check-in: 5baa5c16a6 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.8
02:00 Added a .spec file Changed license to MIT libconfig 0.1.3 check-in: 4596d49a10 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.3
20:46 Changed to `strtoull' to `strtoll' and updated code. Changed URL in header Added TODO libconfig 0.1.1 check-in: 59af3f328b user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.1
04:02 Updated documentation added INSTALL document libconfig 0.1.0 check-in: 1bde205ce1 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.1.0
03:10 Fixed some warnings. libconfig 0.0.8 check-in: 58c3554ca1 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.0.8
03:01 Updated to remove PRINTERR and PRINTERR_D (Mac OS X's c preprocessor doesn't handle variadic macros) Updated strtoull.c to work. Added config.guess/config.sub (needed for determining SHLIBEXT) A few misc changes. libconfig 0.0.7 check-in: 2eca7c583b user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.0.7