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File artifact 0ffabcde63 part of check-in 0334619956

# This is the name of the utility, it will be prefixed to the tarball name

# This is the name of output files that should exist after configure 
# procedures.

# This lists the name of files that are required to exist

# Version of utility, if empty it will be guessed.
# If set to "auto" it will be maintained in a file called .version
# in the source directory and the revision will be incremented
# each time a "makearch" is done.

# Space sperated list of documents, if they exist, they will be
# prefixed with the contents of the DOC_HDR file and substitution
# will occur:
#     @@UTIL@@ becomes the utility name ${UTIL}
#     @@VERS@@ becomes the utility version
#     @@DATE@@ becomes the current date

# This script is executed immediately after copying the files
# to a temp directory to attempt to compile

# This script is executed immediately prior to creation of the
# tarball

# Files matching these (space-seperated) patterns are deleted
TMPS="*.out HEADER build"