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Artifact ID: 2716415f41aa9cd297fecebcbf87fefdea0357d4
Page Name:Included Packages
Date: 2011-05-16 04:58:15
Original User: rkeene

Package Name

Package Version Included When... Linking Method
Tk same as Tcl Always Dynamic
Incr Tcl 3.4b1 Always Dynamic
starkit 1.3.2 Always Static
Metakit Always Static
TclVFS 20080503 Always Static
PWB 1.1 Always Static
Rechan 1.0 Always Static
Zlib 1.1 Always Static
Thread 2.6.5 --enable-threads Dynamic
Registry varies Building for Win32 Static
DDE varies Building for Win32 Static
http varies Always Static
opt varies Always Static
msgcat varies Always Static
tcltest varies Unless MINBUILD Static