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01:14 Edit [2b82884fdb]: Add tag "0.9.3". artifact: b1c9930128 user: rkeene
Freecolor 0.9.3 Leaf check-in: 2b82884fdb user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.9.3
Updated to use fixed-width types and use the "mem_units" member if it is available check-in: 648d0caff0 user: rkeene tags: trunk
10:11 Edit [a92cdd8448]: Add tag "0.9.2". artifact: 671a8802df user: rkeene
Freecolor 0.9.2 check-in: a92cdd8448 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.9.2
Updated license check-in: 45e2c52074 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Removed external links in generated page check-in: 2f25369419 user: rkeene tags: trunk
09:54 Changes to wiki page "Manual" artifact: a81c2eccff user: rkeene
Updated to only update page if it has changed check-in: 3907284219 user: rkeene tags: trunk
09:51 Changes to wiki page "Manual" artifact: ecf4bf963c user: rkeene
09:51 Changes to wiki page "freecolor" artifact: 3e6c54867e user: rkeene
Added script to sync man page to Fossil check-in: dad30e7b99 user: rkeene tags: trunk
09:47 Changes to wiki page "Manual" artifact: 688e14ef61 user: rkeene
09:47 Changes to wiki page "Manual" artifact: 5c7fba072c user: rkeene
09:47 Added wiki page "Manual" artifact: 56b31b262b user: rkeene
09:44 Changes to wiki page "freecolor" artifact: d06d675834 user: rkeene
09:43 Changes to wiki page "freecolor" artifact: a5a4f4005b user: rkeene
Updated README check-in: b208aaea3d user: rkeene tags: trunk
09:41 Changes to wiki page "freecolor" artifact: 5af3ec0d67 user: rkeene
09:41 Changes to wiki page "freecolor" artifact: a0c86a233d user: rkeene
09:40 Changes to wiki page "freecolor" artifact: 2d15a6783c user: rkeene
09:36 Changes to wiki page "freecolor" artifact: d19c8d9e2a user: rkeene
09:33 Delete attachment "screenshot-1.png" from wiki page freecolor artifact: 6a45ffe6ce user: rkeene
09:33 Add attachment screenshot-1.png to wiki page Images artifact: f34230bf51 user: rkeene
09:33 Deleted wiki page "Images" artifact: 6afce70e7d user: rkeene
09:32 Changes to wiki page "freecolor" artifact: b3f89a16d2 user: rkeene
09:12 Added wiki page "Downloads" artifact: d89d2cc22a user: rkeene
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