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6 check-ins going from [1.4] to [1.6]

17:56 [f7cedf8636] Filed 1.6 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 1.6)
17:42 [dd737cd8c7] Fixed NULL pointer dereference and also possible buffer overflow processing HTTP request, created in [8cb189c633] (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
06:11 [7e211d072e] Updated to use time to ensure that a duplicate ETag is never generated (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
01:40 [2fe411187a] Fixed wrapping of --help (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
01:35 [a4b6e76732] Post release version increment (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
01:35 [54ff5cc0ff] Filed 1.4 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 1.4)