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7 check-ins going from [1.18] to [1.20]

19:30 [1c7faf07aa] Filed 1.20 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 1.20)
19:28 [d3f770e3c3] Added script to create precompiled binaries (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
19:02 [08602df0fc] Updated to support compiling filed in alternate directories (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
18:34 [1fb0b13c23] Updated to use nanosleep() instead of usleep() which requires a _BSD_SOURCE macro (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
18:01 [3a7004a8cd] Updated to explicitly use sigaction and BSD-style signal handlers, needed to properly deal with SIGPIPE when closing connections (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
16:23 [1233e63987] Post-release version increment (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
16:22 [a78878e047] Filed 1.18 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 1.18)