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This file contains a list of bugs to fix and minor feature changes
needed in the Tk toolkit.  The list is ordered by the time when the
idea for the change first arose;  no priority should be inferred from
the order.

@(#) $Id: ctk.shar,v 1.50 1996/01/15 14:47:16 andrewm Exp andrewm $

1. Add option to turn off background fill on window visibility
changes (only frame and toplevel widgets need it).

2. Implement embedded windows for text widget.

3. Fix cursor display in text widgets (occasionally off the right edge
of the screen).

5. Implement remaining methods of wm command.

7.  Add bindings for entry and text selection (ones that can be
generated from a character terminal).

8. Support color?  Handy for PC consoles with too little oomph for X.
(And for people with VT320 terminals - but does anyone really have

9. Add message and scale widgets.

10. Add do-nothing variants of all remaining unsupported Tk commands?

11. Implement remaining text display attributes (only underline works) -
would some way of mapping the attributes to available terminal attributes.

18. Extend command dialog to include menu of complete window management

23. Modify tkFont.c so that display of ISO-??? characters is reasonable
(map characters with diacritics to characters without).

24. Can't use -geometry option because "wm" is defined in time - either
move forward Tk_AppInit, or make "wm" a C command.

25. Add "ctk exec" command to execute an interactive command on win's
display. (e.g. "ctk exec . vi myfile")

26. Call delscreen() after endwin() on systems that define delscreen().
(SysVR4 curses seem to need it to free up resources - but HP curses
doesn't define delscreen())