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# tkerror.tcl --
# This file contains a default version of the tkError procedure.  It
# posts a dialog box with the error message and gives the user a chance
# to see a more detailed stack trace.
# @(#) $Id: ctk.shar,v 1.50 1996/01/15 14:47:16 andrewm Exp andrewm $
# Copyright (c) 1992-1994 The Regents of the University of California.
# Copyright (c) 1994 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# Copyright (c) 1995 Cleveland Clinic Foundation
# See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
# of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.

# tkerror --
# This is the default version of tkerror.  It posts a dialog box containing
# the error message and gives the user a chance to ask to see a stack
# trace.
# Arguments:
# err -			The error message.

proc tkerror err {
    global errorInfo

    set info $errorInfo
    set button [tk_dialog .tkerrorDialog "Error in Tcl Script" \
	    "Error: $err" error 0 OK "Skip Messages" "Stack Trace"]
    if {$button == 0} {
    } elseif {$button == 1} {
	return -code break

    set w .tkerrorTrace
    catch {destroy $w}
    toplevel $w -class ErrorTrace
    wm minsize $w 1 1
    wm title $w "Stack Trace for Error"
    wm iconname $w "Stack Trace"
    button $w.ok -text OK -command "destroy $w"
    text $w.text -relief sunken -bd 2 -yscrollcommand "$w.scroll set" \
	    -setgrid true -width 60 -height 20
    scrollbar $w.scroll -relief sunken -command "$w.text yview"
    pack $w.ok -side bottom -padx 3m -pady 2m
    pack $w.scroll -side right -fill y
    pack $w.text -side left -expand yes -fill both
    $w.text insert 0.0 $info
    $w.text mark set insert 0.0

    set oldFocus [focus]
    set oldGrab [grab current .]
    grab $w
    focus $w.ok
    tkwait window $w
    catch {grab $oldGrab}
    catch {focus $oldFocus}