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		Porting Notes for the CTk Toolkit

@(#) $Header: /usrs/andrewm/work/RCS/ctk.shar,v 1.50 1996/01/15 14:47:16 andrewm Exp andrewm $

This file contains notes for build CTk on various platforms.  So
far, all of these notes are from personal experience.  Hopefully
I'll get more entries donated. :-)

Install ncurses, then (with slackware atleast) use:

    configure -with-ncurses -with-incdirs=/usr/include/ncurses

If using ncurses, you must add -Ae to CFLAGS (to use extended ANSI compiler)
because ncurses.h is in ANSI C.

HP curses has no curs_set - so the terminal cursor is left flashing
in random places.  There seems to be a bug that will leave random
highlights (underlines) on the screen (Wyse 60) (maybe using spaces
to move the cursor while in the highlight mode?) (our highly customized
terminfo entries may be at fault, but they work with ncurses).

Sun OS
Use the system V compiler, that is:

    CC=/usr/5bin/cc configure

BSD Curses
Lots of difficulties, and the output is pretty terrible (only one
display attribute - can't turn of the random flashing cursor -
missing most of the non-ASCII keys).  I'm not sure if it is worth
trying to support it.

When compiling ctkDisplay.c, get in curses.h about "VOID redefined" -
doesn't seem to cause a problem though.

BSD Curses seems to require a fflush() after a refresh() - even though
my documents say that is should not be necessary.  Is there a cleaner
way of doing this?