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     2      2   ==============
     3      3   
     4      4   AppFS is a FUSE-based filesystem that presents a filesystem view of remote packages presented via HTTP for the purpose of running software without the hassle of installing it.
     5      5   
     6      6   Instead, as files are requested they are downloaded and made available.
     7      7   
     8      8   It is similar to the the original 0install implementation, [LazyFS](  It supports many features required for large scale deployments.  It has the following fancy features:
            9  +
     9     10      * Write support: Writes are redirected to the users HOME directory
    10     11      * Set-UID root support: Administrators may set conditions on which files are Set-UID root (by default, no files are)
    11     12      * Run-time configuration reloading: All configuration may be reloaded at run-time
    12     13      * PKI support: Package providers can optionally sign index files, which in turn signs all packages and all files in packages
    13     14   
    14     15   It should be mounted in `/opt/appfs`.  Once mounted, sub-directories will be automatically made available by attempting to access the hostname of an AppFS server.  For example, `/opt/appfs/` contains:
    15     16