iwidgets for itk4

iwidgets for itk4

iwidgets for itk4

Slightly modified iwidgets implementation for itk4. For changes see the iwidgets.patch file.


The itk repository is hosted at: http://chiselapp.com/user/rene/repository/itk/ A slightly modified iwidgets (see iwidgets.patch) is hosted at: http://chiselapp.com/user/rene/repository/iwidgets/

Ready to run binaries (*-itk) can be found at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/kbskit/files/itk/

To load itk call:

  package require itk 4.0
and to load itk and iwidgets call:
  package require iwidgets 4.1


Copy the library directory as iwidgets4.1 in your tcl library path.

  cp -r library <your-install-path>/iwidgets4.1


Please refer to the original documantation at http://incrtcl.sourceforge.net/iwidgets/

License & support

This work is under BSD license (see file 'license.terms')


This work is based on the original "iwidgets" work at http://incrtcl.sourceforge.net/iwidgets