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Artifact ID: 8621e7184c7730d02a37181fd4613b988a1ce7d4
Page Name:dotfonter
Date: 2015-12-24 00:57:56
Original User: rberteig
Parent: 2534a8ee7e83444b499de4e67819582c6288fbe2


Dotfonter creates a TTF font from a dot matrix description.


Written in Lua.

Uses TTX as an intermediate language since it is an XML dialect that provides broad coverage of TrueType features through the TTX tool that can compile a TTF from a TTX description, and vice-versa.

Fonts will be described in several ways. Obvious candidates include hex dumps by rows (the format used by most LCD controller chips), and some sort of ASCII art flavored binary so that new characters can be edited in any source editor that can handle fixed-pitch text.



See blog posts for the ongoing story of why this came about and how it works.