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Ticket: c6897e6e6a8a65a995ec35c9c297b926bf1b6783
select notifier crashes/misbehaves on fd >= FD_SETSIZE
User & Date: chw 2019-11-08 23:25:32

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    I think it mainly boils down to this,1737

    which seems to be a design flaw in the socket layer, i.e. listen() allows for a backlog which accept() cannot satisfy due to other process/system constraints. In the shiny modern world of multi threads/cores and a single table of file descriptors per process this introduces a race which properly could be resolved only by kernel support in the spirit of dup2(), i.e. atomically swap an old file descriptor with the new one obtained through accept(). Thus, I blatantly propose to name this new system call either dupcept() or accdupt(). I bet, the lack of it already burned legions of software engineers.

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