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feed2mail reads RSS and Atom feed and put the entries into folders of an IMAP mail server.

Why storing feed entries into an IMAP Server and not into a cloud service or device-depended app?

Some devices like simple phones does not have a RSS or Atom feed reader, but most today's devices have a build-in email app can access IMAP servers. Why not store the feeds into an IMAP server?

You can access your feeds from all over the world from where you have access to your IMAP server.

The IMAP servers "syncs" the new and read entries of your feed over all devices. 


<li>feed2mail reads RSS and Atom feeds</li>
<li>feed2mail creates a HTML message for every feed entry</li>
<li>different feeds can be stored into different IMAP mailbox folders</li>
<li>feed2mail saves a summary message in your INBOX so you are up-to-date about your feeds (optional)</li>


feed2mail requires PHP. It is tested with version 5.3.8 on Windows XP.

An IMAP email server is required. POP3 and SMTP are not supported. Tested with Jana Server (WinXP).

Mail clients tested: Thunderbird 2 (WinXP), ipad (iOS 6), Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Wave (Bada OS).

<h2>Usage & Configuration</h2>



e. g. feed2mail.php feed2mail-conf.xml

The configuration file is a XML file of following structure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<option name="updatesummary">BOOLEAN</option>
	<server type="imap" security="notls">

The <i>server node</i> defines the connection to your IMAP server. Note: the password is stored in plain text. 

The <i>feed</i> node defines the feed's URL and the IMAP folder to store the entries. You can have more than one feed node in your configuration file.

With the <i>option</i> you can control some features:

 <li>updatesummary - <i>true</i> to save the summary message (default), <i>false</i> to do not save this message</li>

To frequently run feed2mail use your OS's scheduler, e. g. crontab or scheduled task on Windoze boxes.


Get the latest version from <a href="./dir?name=src/feed2imap">the source folder</a>.

A sample configurtion file is stored in the conf folder.

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