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Artifact ID: ee0be83a11d19498efd8717abf4c8876cf3a9567
Page Name:Nortel 1535 Web Interface
Date: 2010-11-10 15:02:12
Original User: petr
Parent: 67de32d00e101c431b7e183222121da71717202f


# Get fossil: # Fetch the code: fossil clone nortel.fossil # mkdir nortel; cd nortel # fossil open ../nortel.fossil # fossil co trunk # make # On the phone: mkdir /usr/local/web and copy the file web.tar to the phone. # On the phone: cd /usr/local/web # On the phone: tar xf web.tar # On the phone: python # Open http://yourphone:8080 in the browser Alternatively download the latest source by browsing to the latest checkin in the Timeline.