EPAM (Elementary Perceiver And Memoriser) is a cognitive architecture, first developed by Herbert Simon and Edward Feigenbaum in the late 1950s. The final version of EPAM was published in 2002, and is known as EPAM VI.

EPAM VI is described in two important technical reports, available from: http://www.pahomeschoolers.com/epam/

This repository contains the implementation from that site, revised to work with SBCL.

To run all the simulations, open a terminal within the source code:

$ sbcl --script run-experiments.lisp


Latest source code: zip - tar.gz

Clone and view this fossil repository using the following commands:

$ fossil clone https://chiselapp.com/user/pcl/repository/epam epam.fossil
$ mkdir epam_folder
$ cd epam_folder
$ fossil open ../epam.fossil
$ ls
... shows all the files
$ fossil ui
... opens the repository in your browser