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Imsh - IMage processing SHell

Imsh is the SIOD Scheme based shell for testing image processing algorithms.

This is the school project for learning Image Processing. All algorithms are plain and naive without tricky optimization techniques.

To build use command:

make imsh

to build and test:

make test

which runs test1.scm, test2.scm, ...

or only one test:

make test4

So, each test is Scheme script, for example:

(load "imsh.scm")
(define b (bmp_open "ngirl.bmp"))
(bmp_conv b emboss-matrix emboss-div emboss-shift)
(bmp_save b "out/emboss.bmp")
Initial version is based on BMP images format and use QDBMP module: http://qdbmp.sourceforge.net.
New versions used FreeImage library to support another formats (for example, JPG is used in Scheme tests): http://freeimage.sourceforge.net