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Date: 2016-01-30 20:44:33
User: Nikita
Comment:started adding of styles to fltk
Tags And Properties
[94d917ba9c] Leaf: added new method Style::replace() to change default value for given property name added an initialization of some classes via the replace() fixed calls to realloc() every time on change class_name_ changed type of property name to const char* (it keeps only pointer to outer string) (user: Nikita, tags: styles)
[5b4d03fe0b] started adding of styles to fltk (user: Nikita, tags: styles)
[0957b8a5d6] Leaf: [CMake] Work around CMake bug in CMake versions 3.4.x. CMake versions 3.4.x crash when using fltk_wrap_ui, a built-in CMake command. According to the CMake devs this will be fixed in CMake 3.5. However, since fltk_wrap_ui is no longer necessary (it can replaced by custom build commands) and some Linux distributions deploy CMake 3.4.x we decided to use an own replacement function. This makes sure that FLTK can be built with CMake 3.4.x, but FLTK users may still have to rewrite their own CMake files to not use fltk_wrap_ui. git-svn-id: http://seriss.com/public/fltk/fltk/branches/branch-1.3@11081 ea41ed52-d2ee-0310-a9c1-e6b18d33e121 (user: AlbrechtS@ea41ed52-d2ee-0310-a9c1-e6b18d33e121, tags: trunk)
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Changes to FL/Fl_Button.H.

Changes to FL/Fl_Light_Button.H.

Changes to FL/Fl_Widget.H.

Changes to src/Fl_Button.cxx.

Changes to src/Fl_Check_Button.cxx.

Changes to src/Fl_Light_Button.cxx.

Changes to src/Fl_Repeat_Button.cxx.

Changes to src/Fl_Return_Button.cxx.

Changes to src/Fl_Round_Button.cxx.

Changes to src/Fl_Widget.cxx.

Changes to src/fl_boxtype.cxx.